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A Relay Selection Strategy Based on Power-Law and Exponentially Distributed Contacts in DTNs


Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are sparse mobile ad-hoc networks in which there is typically no complete path between the source and destination. Although many routing algorithms for DTNs have been proposed, prior works generally focus on utilizing the delivery probability of network nodes and the social network structure for data forwarding. In this work, we investigate the use of the inter-contact time (ICT) distribution to derive a new metric that selects the next relay node with the least expected minimum delay (EMD) among all possible routes to the destination. We address the case of exponential and power-law ICTs, which are the most popular assumptions for ICTs that have emerged in recent literature. Extensive simulation results based on the Cabspotting and Cambridge Haggle traces show that our proposed metric can achieve up to 21% higher delivery rate and 23% lower delay than existing schemes.


Information & Date

MASS'17, Orlando, Florida, USA, October. 2017


Tuan Le
Pengyuan Du
Mario Gerla